This website was built as a basic platform to release several new works freely to the world for the New Age in accordance with the December 21st, 2012 predictions. On the site, you have two versions of the book titled Judgement’s Day, a book of poetry titled Judgement’s Poetry, and a new theory explaining quantum gravity and its relation to other current paradoxes in theoretical physics (which only minimally relates to the main material on the site beyond shared authorship).

As can be noted from the tabs of this website, two versions of Judgement’s Day have been made available: Judgement’s Day AV is an abridged version and Judgement’s Day FTV is the full text version. Between them is Judgement’s Poetry, which one may like to read first or intermittently, as the poems are lighter reading containing many of the same concepts held throughout the book. The abridged version of the book has been shortened for expedited reading and to avoid some of the more complicated information while still retaining the most important concepts. The full text version of the book includes more details for a more fully comprehensive understanding which one may wish to read after the abridged version or to begin with if they have plenty of time.

The title of Judgement’s Day has been chosen as a rendition of the apocalyptic eschatology of the “Judgment Day” that some have interpreted to be the end of the world. As those well informed of the Mayan Long Count calendar have already understood, the date of December 21st, 2012 was never meant to signify the end of the world, but rather a transition to the next era for the planet. So, as opposed to identifying this date with the eschatological “Judgment Day”, the title of Judgement’s Day is a more reasonable rendition which signifies the transition to a time of better judgment. The ‘e’ has been included in the original English spelling of judgement to indicate that it includes enlightenment, as compared to those interpretations of Judgment Day which have not been inclusive of such teachings.

Covering the Book

The audience for the book Judgement’s Day is anyone who has asked life’s most basic and most complex questions—so, basically everyone. This book is especially intended for any person who has searched for something to believe in and has been dissatisfied with the results. It is both for those who have questioned the traditional answers and begun to explore and for those who have never branched out to question or explore the different answers to life’s questions beyond what others have impressed on them. Wisdom holds that a periodical reevaluation of the most important questions, with consideration of new evidence, can only improve one’s worldview.

The book is a call to attention of the current state of the world and what is important in it—from ancient wisdom to modern issues in today’s global age. It is about taking a look at differences, similarities, and shared problems to understand how to harmonize into the future. To do this, we need to understand what is really happening in the world and refuse to blindly ignore the facts out of mere distaste for them. The idea is to evaluate our situation with a worldview that is not limited by bias. With that stance, we can root out our problems and recognize and embrace the true beauty in our world to find a refreshed appreciation for both our own lives and the lives of others.

This book is also meant to provide interesting education for the reader. After a preface synopsis of the current state of the world and a related introduction, the first chapter begins with our most basic original experience of life on Earth and the wonders of this world. Then the book delves into our modern scientific understanding of history, our own origins and what they have to do with our interactions in society, and a brief analysis of the teachings of our world’s major religions. After all of that in the first three parts of the book, the later parts delve into some crucial matters within topics involving humanity today, including: overcoming our subconscious egos to develop spiritual wholeness, working on thinking together to create unity, getting an understanding of the major problems today as to improve the health of life on this planet, and learning how to foster true happiness within ourselves and keep it with us into the future. All of this information is presented together in one book in the hopes of helping individuals within humanity to be saved from the difficulties they now face and to help create a more optimistic future for the whole world.

The approach is to take a good look at where we came from and address the issues where we have conflicted with a more expansive worldview. Readers should be able to gain from this book not only a better understanding of the world, but also a better understanding of themselves. Along the way, many solutions to the problems in the world and individual lives will be brought to light. As it seems that more and more people have been having difficulty finding true meaning in life lately, another main aim of this book—and, indeed, its greatest purpose—is to offer a sensible understanding of the purpose of life and why there has been so much confusion as to what it is.

The greatest goal to be chased after for all of the peoples of the world is to find things we can agree upon while putting aside our differences, yet still embracing unique differences for their diversity. The time for this book is immediate, as we should not delay our learning for a moment longer regarding developing ourselves through better thinking and cooperation toward shared common goals involving both individual wellbeing and the future of civilization on this planet.

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