Here begins my book of poetry
A little guidance for you since need be

This poetic justice may serve you well
If you heed it, it can save you from hell

Read these poems between the lines
The words don’t only rhyme

Behind the words is a message
To be understood by mind


    Once our time in this life has passed
    And we have seen our last real dawn
    Our history, our place in time, will remain
    We too shall continue, but whereupon?

    Surely it cannot be our bodies
    But the consciousnesses they once housed
    With our animal corpses left behind
    Our spirits will be our essence unbound

    We’ll look back once we’ve reached the end
    Every conscious stream cascaded into one
    Meeting company with all other intelligence
    Incubated elsewhere in this galaxy and beyond

    It will be found that our diverse flesh
    Has little meaning in what defines us
    But rather our relations we’ll remember
    And the interactions held between us

    Judgeless of our mortal humilities
    With indifference to our prideful quests
    Smiling upon our love and friendships
    And sharing common pity for worldly stress


      God started it with the Big Bang
      From it stars and planets sprang
      The fundamental laws God arranged
      From the beginning still remain

      And from a lifeless void life became
      By matter and energy rearranged
      Organized into heart, lungs, and brain
      The formula has now been attained

      But with the ability to enjoy pleasure
      Came also the experience of pain
      The living received voice and choice
      A chance to rejoice or complain


      The glory of appreciation goes to God
      By the masses, but from each individual alone
      We praise God for giving us all creation
      We know He sees and knows all from His throne

      While it is true we have to build things on our own
      Without God none would have ever had a home
      So while gratitude is due to good fathers and mothers
      The true glory for it all is deserved by God alone

      And our love for Him comes back to us a hundred fold
      For the Creator loves the good and forgives them all
      He’s been there silently cheering us on all along
      Making the universe for life was God’s great call


      It is something quite elusive
      Though it’s depiction has seemed clear
      It is not really perfect spotless symmetry
      That is merely pleasing to the eye
      Beauty is not really something visual
      That is merely how it is described
      More truly it is empathy
      It is loving enough to try
      It is accepting of what might be faults
      And appreciating caring
      It is not judgmental
      Beauty is in everything
      It is not necessarily cleanness
      For beauty originally came from dirt
      Sometimes it is there and you can’t see it
      Other times it is so striking that it hurts
      Though it is something that is strived for
      It is found easiest without trying
      Like in the harmony of nature
      To appreciate it is the essence of living
      Experiencing it makes it worth dying


      Believe there is more than this
      For the good, after life there is true bliss
      Though in this life there is purpose
      Physical life is not all there is

      There is truly another dimension
      The greatness of which too vast to mention
      Don’t ever question there to be
      Nothing more than what we see

      Physical life is not all there is
      Because in this life there is purpose
      Your afterlife can be suffering or bliss
      Know there is more than this


      Blessed are those who help after questioning why
      Cursed are those who could help but don’t try

      Blessed are the children who this world was made for
      Cursed are the jaded who don’t care anymore

      Blessed are those who still have their empathy
      For with the spirit of empathy God’s will one sees

      Our ignorance is gone, let there be no more doubt
      Choose to be blessed and from being cursed get out


      It is time to let the truth now be told
      Secret societies are at the end of their road
      The news to you was previously bought and sold
      The secret rulers controlled all with gold

      They decided what you believed
      By labeling all else crazy “Conspiracy”
      Now to illuminate some acts of the Illuminati
      Let it be known that all they’ve done God has seen

      You should see the ways of the past changing
      We’ll have no more wars made for wealth hoarding
      After ending their pyramid scheme knowledge keeping
      Their empires of greed will no longer be all-controlling

      You must decide for yourself not to deny what’s true
      If you don’t participate in government it controls you
      Ignorance reigns by science with fluoride in the waters
      And JFK killed to protect the “Federal Reserve” dollar

      A secular New World Order scheming all along
      9/11 a plot for the “PATRIOT Act” and “War on Terror”
      Watch the lies grow around World Trade Building 7
      And investigative evidence destroyed to block litigation

      It sounds crazy, but the real evidence you must trust
      FBI and CIA used for COINTELPRO and MK-Ultra
      Going back to the Nazi SS and Operation Paperclip
      But evil manipulated society as well as government

      Much deemed “Conspiracy Theory” has been true
      Some may be bogus, but I’ll leave that up to you
      A critically opened mind is key in acknowledging truth
      And can never take any value from what you do

      It is past due time to make all truths told right
      Secrecy and money never above human rights
      With true reconciliation on the line it’s worth the fight
      From here forward all planning to be done in the light


      Explain to them a better way
      A better way to live their days
      Don’t count success by your pay
      But rather by those you help today

      It’ll take some self control at times
      The body is controlled by mind
      There’ll be times you should remind
      Past fear and hate should be left behind

      Some things are better off put to rest
      The nonviolent way truly is the best
      But let them know they’ll have regrets
      If they cause harm to any more innocents

      The better way takes no type of war
      And it lets you have a clear conscience
      Know that if you cause violent events
      You will deal with the consequence


      Hurting others hurts you
      Some “enlightened” in the past only this knew
      Helping others helps you
      Know this enlightenment is becoming more true

      It is not wrong to enjoy I tell you
      You can enjoy and be enlightened too
      Just be moral and responsible in what you do
      Now this enlightenment can be accepted by you

      By helping others like you’d wish if it were you
      The gift of enlightenment acts through what you do
      Add to this that God is surely above me and you
      And it becomes Enlightenment in Heaven’s truth


      We’re all much more feeble than we’d like to believe
      Only feeling strong when we have all we need
      We’re all interdependent on one another
      You’d have died long ago if not for the care of others

      Those in a position of need realize they are feeble
      Begging those who think they’re superior people
      Knowing much of the world has plenty on its shelves
      Some even consuming so much they hurt themselves

      Think of how it feels when you are truly thirsty
      Or remember a time you were in true medical need
      Then, realizing your own true feeble dependency
      If you are able to help, give some in decency


      Every single one is one of God’s children
      So if you abuse any you will answer to Him

      Like a mother grizzly bear and her cubs
      Would you abuse her cub with her watching above?

      Well, God sees each and every one of your moves
      Think that through before committing abuse

      The Lord of Spirits watching all quietly
      Even when in the dark, you in clear light He sees

      Don’t get feeling too almighty with His very own laws of physics now protecting you
      For after your death, there will be nothing stopping
          Him from punishing you


      So now some have felt some guilt
      Which is right if you’ve really done wrong
      But it’s not too late to make amends
      With the One above Who has seen all along

      There is such a thing as forgiveness
      The greatest relief to those who have been blind
      Though it is not something to plan to abuse
      God can recognize a renewed heart and mind

      If you purify yourself to do good now and always
      If you have done wrong in the past it’s okay
      God may be merciful if you repent and pray
      So long as you honestly cease to do evil this very day


      It seems to endlessly flow from some mouths
      Those who can’t seem to help themselves
      They pass gossip on to the next person’s ears
      And by feeding egos their bad gossip sells

      Some foolishly think it’s a favor
      To pass the gossip to another’s ear
      So they poison the thoughts of another
      And their sickly ego somehow feels a cheer

      As if it somehow makes them better
      To spread the gossip all around
      So others too are filled with poison
      And not only in their own head is it bound

      If it comes to you, just don’t pass it on
      Instead merely let their gossip become dead
      So like washing your hands in the flu season
      Block the rumors the sick heads try to spread


      It is a thing highly despised
      A pollutant to the mind
      To get what it wants it lies
      It clouds vision and undermines

      The epitome of a filthy pig
      Sucking up all it can into its snout
      But the craving is never fulfilled
      Always the next treasured amount

      It is a type of insidious evil
      If having more creates more greed
      Cut it into a thousand pieces
      And corrupt a thousand it would indeed

      With the ulterior no longer hidden
      And the selfishness never more clear
      This bedrock incentive cracked for all to see
      And the excuses echo for all to hear


      Despite all the seriousness
      Don’t let life be of no fun
      Life can be enjoyed most of the while
      Relax and allow yourself to smile

      Spending time with family and friends
      Enjoy moments in the week and weekend
      Maybe enjoy an annual vacation or two
      Or just always try toward a fun attitude

      You can enjoy happiness and celebrate
      Smile and laugh rather than hate
      Let yourself enjoy the moment’s bliss
      Because happiness is contagious


      As you’ve been told, there is something after this
      Though it’s hard for you to be sure there is

      The afterlife can be imagined in the mind’s eye
      The laws of physics only govern us while alive

      During this life, you’ve have had but a taste
      You’ve already tasted Hell with each disgrace

      And each ounce of joy has been a little Heaven
      But only fractions of what it will be then

      Happiness and suffering on the opposite ends
      On your intention in life what comes after depends

      Don’t do evil, but things one ought be rewarded for
      And you can trust to find Heaven behind life’s last door


      As with the Good Samaritan adage
      Help me in my efforts here
      Help to spread a universal message
      One that is music to every ear

      A message of just treatment
      A message of equal rights
      A message of no preferment
      A message to end all fights

      Help me to get it out
      Now that it’s been written down
      The sooner all find out
      The fewer in their ego drown

      We can lift each person up
      From the common selfish ends
      We can help in cleaning up
      Our acts and the message they send

      To learn and then to teach
      Is a duty to all men and women
      Not necessarily to preach
      But to share wisdom and be forgiven


      There is a house spoken of with the greatest majesty
      Having countless paths by which one may find it
      You may rest assured knowing there will always be available rooms
      Even though the residents there never have to leave
      And there is no reason they would ever want to
      For no place in the cosmos has such an excellent view

      Each guest has a story of how they came to get there
      And each one could offer their story for you to read
      It’s nice that there are no rules written there
      Even nicer yet, it’s because there is no need
      You see, all of the residents have proven themselves good, and so by God they have been fully freed
      By this, there will never exist a better place to be

      Souls find convergence there from all different ends
      The only stipulation is that they must have become what God views as Enlightened


      As the title shows, it’s not quite like some said;
      Not a final day with a literal raising of the dead.
      It’s not that the world will end on Judgment Day;
      Rather, you’ll keep on living in your judgement’s day.

      Your judgement’s day is each day you’re living in.
      Your Judgment Day will be the day you die;
          That Last Day that you go to be Judged by Him.
      So don’t think everything will be miraculously fixed—
          All made perfect in just one day.
      The truth is that the change must be made by you,
          But the good news is that can start today.

      Regarding this, one could say:

      Today is my day, the day I’m living in
      In my judgement’s day, I for now swim
      Until I pass over at this life’s end
      Then I will go to be Judged by Him

      I have my free choice, I decide what I do
      I can choose to see living is about helping you
      Clear judgment is a gift previously possessed by so few
      Now I’ve been given the chance to enjoy life’s true view

      Everything in me, down to each atomic cloud
      The gift of free will has been to me allowed
      The record will accrue for everyone in the crowd
      In most every account good and bad can be found

      By the laws of physics, energy can never end
      It only changes state, just which setting depends
      So too the spirit will continue after death descends
      On each person’s Judgment Day, their state transcends


      If there were nothing more after this
      I might merely take for myself the best of it
      But because I know there’s more to this
      I should give some help to others because of it

      Yet even if after life there was nothing
      And it was only possible in this life to enjoy
      It’d be all the more reason to fix everything
      So that others in life might get to see joy

      While there is a Heaven and Hades
      It is also possible for reincarnation
      Still, all the more reason to fix everything
      Because you could be reborn in another nation


      They feel it’s needed to take something in
      To fill up their emptiness within
      But what they use to try to fill with they know
      Only makes them a little more hollow

      What choosing to try to confide in drugs
      To try to chase away a nagging really does
      Is make the mind temporarily less clear
      And upon wearing off leaves one emptier

      And this the junkies all the while know
      Some even calling themselves lost souls
      But addiction keeps them denying the truth
      To think that trying to quit would be no use

      Yet if they’d quit abusing their eyes could again see
      All of the intricate beauty found in reality
      They would see there is more than just using in life
      And focus more on loving if given a chance twice

      But for some that picture has been blocked out of view
      Bit by bit Satan manipulated society, and within it you
      In order to make more consumers for him to consume
      And to try to distract you from what’s honest and true

      He figured out how to grab hold of all the lost souls
      He sold them numbing drugs and changed their goals
      He replaced focus on cooperation with focus on money
      And laughed as they worsened their self-inflicted agony

      So then, what other answer is there for us?
      If not to keep trying to gobble everything up?
      Reduce that addiction until the craving is gone
      And no longer by that ugly addiction be led along

      And as you’ve seen faith in God held truly on high
      On peaks above the drugs that wear off when you die
      Seek to fill yourself with the meaning of the Spirit
      And let yourself be filled up and truly get with it

      By finally facing all of those nagging questions
      And choosing to actually learn all of life’s lessons
      Instead of repeatedly trying to chase them away
      You can save yourself from being a lost soul today


      There has been much confused about what is medicine
      In the past they knew natural treatment cures best
      But now, due to money, they have let chemicals win
      Yet medical chemicals can be toxins just like the rest

      Now, some truly need the right medical chemicals
      With some chemical medicines great for their task
      But generally speaking chemicals are better avoided
      Especially if there is a natural remedy or cure to last

      We absolutely must allow natural remedies to be sold
      For example, nature holds natural cancer cures
      Despite how science has treated chemicals like gold
      In medicine, natural treatments are the most pure

      Activities like yoga and meditation are healthy in fact
      And mentally meaning should be sought before the rest
      The ancient arts of qigong and acupuncture not quacks
      And preventing illness through healthy living is best


      Some get to beating themselves up over past mistakes
      But mistakes are better viewed as learning opportunity
      In life we are winning as long as we are learning
      This can make a huge difference for one to see clearly


      It can be detrimental to focus on perfection
      For no one who lives can do everything perfect
      We all have to learn from our mistakes
      But simply through caring one is being perfect

      This is confusing, to say you can’t be perfect but can be
      However, that is how it is really
      Though none can always act perfectly
      Through trying to help, we’re being perfect surely


      Red and yellow, black and white
      Surely, all the same in God’s sight
      If any thinks one color is worst or best
      They are failing one of life’s easiest tests

      God views each race and gender equally
      But some distinctions He must view differently
      Surely preferring people loving above people hating
      So accordingly choose care instead of judging

      All can fluctuate between happy and sad
      Within this life striving to be good and not bad
      Different people equal in cultures everywhere
      Imagine, you could’ve been born into life anywhere


      Of all things, some are most important
      Here are three things you need to know

      First, you are all truly beautiful
      Second, you all have eternal souls

      Third, God loves you and believes in you
      That you may work together and not do wrong

      I pray that you may all know this poem
      So that you are not in disbelief led along

      So see past all the superficial division
      And join in together in the same shared song


      Here we are, alive
      We breathe and enjoy this life
      Each able to ponder and rejoice
      To be grateful for our time

      As we take in the air
      Blood flowing through our veins
      We know this is real
      And better this than nothing

      For all in the universe that lives
      Foremost those bearing conscience
      The fine capability to experience
      Deserves the utmost respect

      The chance to give up praise
      The mere fact that it may be made
      Is evidence itself enough to proclaim
      Not to idols, but to God’s name


      Let me share something with you
      A few wise words, simple and true
      Yet profound like the Proverbs
      Holding significant knowledge for you

      If you have something cruel to say
      You should wisely still your tongue
      You may want to say a harsh word badly
      But afterward you’d surely feel dumb

      Remember to God it is as though
      Each word you say is engraved in stone
      Plus next to it inscribed your name
      And you’ll be brought before God alone


      Maker of Heaven and Earth
      And Lord of Spirits who sends some to Hell
      I pray your forgiveness and your blessing
      And this I pray for others as well

      I admit You are the One and Only God
      In this, I have humbled myself before You
      I’ve realized it has been Your wish since the start
      So now I seek to glorify You in what I do

      You are the First and the Last
      Without You none would have ever lived
      We may only strive for Your excellence
      Your Holy Spirit gave all that is

      I know that You hate evil works
      Such that cause others undo suffering today
      So I do not abuse and help resolve iniquity
      In this, I know I act in Your Way


      For some advice of what to do
      In the face of anxiety, guilt, or frustration
      The following four lines can be used as a tool
      To clear the mind without hesitation:

      Take a deep relaxing breath
      With eyes closed or open
      And let calm overflow the mind
      Like peaceful waves on the ocean


      I respect your respect for me
      I know just how bad it can feel
      Remember each person’s pain is real
      And make this world what it should be

      I try to respect each person’s free will
      But it’s a difficult goal to fulfill
      When some people use it ill
      Caring nothing for others with their will

      We all must live our own lives
      But it works best if everyone tries
      Show respect where respect’s due
      Have respect for my respect for you


      I close my eyes and I zoom out
      Straight out of the atmosphere
      I see the whole Earth slowly rotating
      And look at a place far from here

      I imagine what it looks like there
      And I zoom right back in
      I think of waking up in that place
      Think about the mind within

      What has happened to let me think?
      What’s happened to get me here?
      What has enabled me to breathe?
      What’s enabled me to hear?

      How do I have the ability
      To see with my eyes closed?
      I truly must be more than the sum
      Of that which I’m composed

      Deductive reasoning leads to the fact
      That it was elegantly set in place
      All was set in a sequence of time
      While everything arranged in space

      All the sequences follow the path
      So continue that path I must
      It was planned each dawn and dusk
      The destiny of this stardust


      You are like a breath of fresh air
      When I had been lost in the depths
      You are like sunlight breaking through
      When I feared I’d be forever in darkness

      The thought of You brings tears to my eyes
      Though knowing of You makes me stronger than stone
      Remembering Your presence gives me courage
      With You I know I’m not alone

      I thank You for all You’ve done for me
      Giving all that has been good in my days
      Through all the struggle, You’ve been with me
      To You I dedicate every song of praise


      To put it as clearly as possible
      It is not something merely probable
      There is a spiritual side to everything
      And it can be found if you’re attending

      Many people in the past have accessed it
      And many more to come will find it
      It is there, just as true as the Sun
      Just not so obviously seen by everyone

      I try to bring it into your view
      But the only one who can see it is you
      It’s there with everything you do
      Better sooner than later you knew

      Our actions that influence other’s lives
      All mesh together in many dimensions
      Indeed even our thoughts are included
      But primarily it’s our actions worth mention


      If we could make a binding contract
      Before we were born out of the dust
      Which would endure through all our lives
      We would make it such as thus:

      We would say that wherever we landed
      We should get fair treatment upon the earth
      We’d make sure all would get food and water
      That’s something we’d surely sort out first

      We would make each person’s say equal
      No matter whom their mother or father was
      We would decide for there to be justice
      For all including what each business does

      By setting this up we would prevent
      The problem we have of harsh inequality
      We would bring balance to the scales
      So all would benefit everybody


      At first all energy was in light
      Then a reaction stored some into matter
      Because matter is concentrated energy
      Pure energy exists in everybody

      Each thought first powered from stars
      Energy from them is now the life that’s ours
      Passed on and on the energy flows
      As the amount of experience grows

      Our energy started in the same place
      The path it took can be Divinely traced
      The energy will always continue on
      Its path through us will never be gone

      And so too when we pass away
      The energy will continue on that day
      It’s never too late to appreciate
      Before your energy re-integrates


      With my third eye I see
      I see what cannot be seen
      With my third eye I read
      I read what is in between

      With my third eye I ponder
      And again a question brings
      A thought to mind within a blink
      What really allows me to think?

      There are no words in my brain
      No alphabet of letters to re-arrange
      And nowhere in matter is there pain
      The third eye’s perception makes the game

      This third eye must be the portal
      The connection between here and there
      Here is the matter that is mortal
      There is the spirit fully aware


      Always in the present
      This time never ends
      The past a present gone
      The future from here begins

      This time is a constant
      But it varies relatively
      In the history of time
      Truth will forever be

      But to God time is different
      Outside of time He sees
      Before I was even conceived
      He had already seen me


      God prophesizes and influences
      Acting out His will through the Christ
      He helps by working through him
      Indeed, He’s done it twice

      Made to play a fool for them
      For some He lets their egos win
      Almost cruel how He uses free will
      To see if they’d judge or listen

      He tells all to try to forgive
      For those evil He will bring to justice
      He gave Christ for you out of courtesy
      For you to heed it is His wish


      Many have seen them and know they are real
      Though the U.S. government tried covering them up
      But even the Project Blue Book disinformation
      Couldn’t explain everything people saw looking up

      They tried to shoot them down over L.A. in 1942
      Foolishly attacking them, though unprovoked
      Lucky they didn’t retaliate and obliterate the city
      That they didn’t shows they must have come in peace

      Some crafts have even been found crashed in pieces
      Believe it, for its evidence is supported by geniuses
      Countless crop circles, photos, and first-person reports
      But they made you worry about making them consorts

      Don’t call them crazy, they just might enlighten you
      The pilots of the UFO’s have many differences, it’s true
      But they also share things in common with me and you
      One day when it’s public many will say: “We knew.”


      It is ultimate and I give it to you
      Dependent upon what you do and your view
      Being good to yourself and importantly others too
      While recognizing God is Greatest as the Source of you
      And treating others benevolently as you wish for you
      From among any culture and any tradition too
      If you are good and you worship God in true view
      After life you can be given your ultimate view


      It came from emptiness
      As a blessing from God
      It is in everything
      It is pleasure and it is pain

      Within it which has been given
      There exists a choice
      That is its meaning
      The choice is to love or to hate

      If to love one chooses
      To love they will go
      If to hate one chooses
      To hate they will go

      There is influence within it
      Of course this is true
      But one always has a choice
      As to what they will do


      There is one thing of highest value to you
      To know the difference between the two
      It can be confusing, but the difference is true
      Between what makes one wise and what makes a fool

      It’s the difference between intelligence and wisdom
      It’s always been there looking you right in the face
      The prior is the pride of the world, and the latter of God’s Kingdom
      But both have been involved in fighting over this place

      While seeming similar, they can be fully untied
      One who is vastly intelligent can also be unwise
      In the same way, one who is dumb can still be wise
      And ironic as it is, intelligence can actually be blind

      Blind intelligence has brought men to do foolish things
      For instance, to sleigh whole herds of buffalo
      Leaving them to rot except for taking the tongues
      Had they acted on true wisdom, that wasteful practice would not have been done

      Fools abuse power in reigning over others today
      The wise know that God did not intend it that way
      Fools try to take God’s credit, not knowing they would never have existed without Him
      The wise are humble knowing that all will eventually fall before Him

      Those who have thought this reality is all there is
      Have truly been fooled to be the blindest of the blind
      For both higher and lower realities to this one exist
      Don’t let the spirit be fooled against that by the mind


      Faith, they say, is the key
      Faith in God and faith in soul, surely
      And faith that Jesus was the Christ
      Though miracles should not be necessary

      Add to faith good works, caring, and compassion
      In both what good and bad times yield
      And if needed to restore peace
      To serve as a righteous shield

      Still, they should try to be peaceful warriors
      Not provoking others who live in peace
      Don’t need to be in others’ business
      Rather, let individuals’ choices be free

      Each can believe as he or she sees
      While working for the common good
      So long as he or she believes
      And treats others the way they should

      Christianity should now be even more accepting
      With this New Work things have changed
      If you wish to be an advocate of it yourself
      Spread the new Good Word from Judgement’s Day

      Considering the fact that we are all one
      If they want to keep their traditional Ways
      Adding trust in Christ and faith in One God
      Then let that too now be considered okay


      When you read a Holy Book
      On each and every line you look

      They expect you to believe fully
      That it is The Truth Holy

      They tell it to you under the guise
      That those words are exactly as God surmised

      But there is a certain problem here
      You didn’t get to hear it with your own ear

      And even if you did, how are you to know for sure
      That every single word was ensured?

      Whether God ever really meant it so
      Is a question that is impossible to know

      But there’s one thing you can surely know
      One thing you’ll never have to let go

      To treat others well is surely what God meant
      There’s simply no other message as excellent

      So one can always be sure to follow that
      Doing good unto others is most always the best act

      You can know this message has Heaven’s seal
      Though seeming too simple, it is clear and real
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